Toronto Home Market Will Remain Steady Through the End of the Year

The Toronto housing market has seen a modest increase of 5 percent so far this year, and all indications are that it will remain steady through the end of 2011. That includes sales of existing homes as well as new housing starts, which are expected to hit 66,000 units by next year. Economists remain flummoxed by the housing market, predicting that the bubble will burst at some point, sooner rather than later, but at present, the Toronto market is still chugging along.

The housing market in the remainder of Canada seems to be cooling off, but Toronto houses are more in demand than ever. In addition to houses, multi-unit housing is also going strong with sales of condos and townhouses remaining steady.

Although employment figures are not as positive as they could be, they don't seem to be effecting the housing market as they would in a weaker Canadian economy. Stricter banking regulations have prevented a U.S. style housing collapse despite less than stellar job figures.

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